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Living IT is distributed to over 19, 000 IT decision makers within UK SMEs (sub 250 employees). Living IT is a magazine that explains, in simple terms, exactly how new technologies can be put to practical use in small businesses. Written in plain English and avoiding jargon and techno-speak, it aims to outline all the benefits that investments in computer and communications solutions might have for the sole traders, partnerships and small firms of all kinds.

The publication's familiar and attractive look and feel makes it friendly, appealing and informative, and allows SMEs to get a clear understanding of what new technologies really mean to them.

In every issue, the reader will find a mix of IT-related news items - things that it may be useful for them to know - and a series of features that focus in on the latest technology trends and issues and outline what they might mean to the smaller business. There will also find useful 'How To' features that help them get more out of their technology or provide step-by-step guides to buying or setting up new solutions.

In addition, Living IT publishes case studies that show SMEs how other firms, like their own, are making good use of their technology investments, and a variety of stories on the latest

gadgets and gizmos, as well as the more practical products that small businesses can make use of every day. Living IT provides an excellent vehicle for getting a positive message about your technologies and solutions to small businesses in the UK - in a language that they can understand and to which they are much more likely to respond.

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