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HP Adds Powerful Pair To Workstation Range

HP has launched two new dual quad-core workstations aimed at businesses that need the highest performance from their desktop systems. HP unveiled its first quad-core workstations over a year ago now and claims that customers have been experiencing perform

Why Does Your Business Need... A Workstation?

Sue Forkin, Workstation Business Manager at HP UK and Ireland, gives Living IT the low-down on when and why you might need to invest in something that packs a bit more power than the average desktop.

Looking To The Future

We are always hearing about new technologies and how they will make our business and personal lives better – but what does the future really hold? Living IT took time out to talk to one of the IT industry’s leading technology gurus to find out.

Future of desktops is virtual says HP

The death of the desktop PC has been much exaggerated according to the world’s leading PC manufacturer, HP, which is predicting a renaissance for fixed-location personal systems. The company says that, although sales of mobiles are now exceeding those of

Safely and legally dispose of unwanted PCs

The ROHS and WEEE directives mean that these days you can’t just throw old computers on the scrap heap? So how can you safely and legally dispose of your old unwanted PCs?

HP introduces first 20.1-inch widescreen notebook PC

HP has brought out its first notebook featuring a 20.1-inch display. The Pavillion HDX is designed to appeal to business users who also want the widescreen format for presentations or for use as a personal and portable high-definition video screen. The ma

Travel in style with Sony

The VAIO TZ-Series is perhaps Sony’s most impressive and attractive laptop line so far. It has been “created for people who always choose the best”, says the company and to offer an exceptional combination of portability, performance and high quality desi

Going digital with documents

While all small firms have computers, few are anywhere near the nirvana of the paperless office – Living IT takes a realistic look at what you can and what you can’t automate with electronic systems and processes.

The PC with Two Brains

With two central processing ‘cores’ packed onto the space that usually accommodates just one, the dual core processor can deliver much higher levels of performance.

HP iPAQ devices deliver productivity on the road

Converged mobile devices, with the functionality of both telephony and wireless computing, have made productive mobile working a reality for many businesses. With the use of bespoke applications running on micro-sized pocket PCs, you can take your specifi

RoHS and WEEE - Cleaning up our act

How will new EC rules affect you when you buy computers and other hi-tech equipment?


The Acer Power M8 desktop series of PCs has been designed with performance and value in mind, says the company, and are well suited to any SMB looking for a versatile and powerful business tool that delivers outstanding graphics and ease-of-use.

Making your money work harder

Rather than explore all the different options, many small businesses simply get their cheque books out when it comes to buying computer systems – but it may not always be the best option. Tracey Caldwell looks at the many different ways in which you can f

Switch and save

You may have heard the term but if you did not understand exactly what it meant, you would not be alone – Liz Holland, communications manager at leading KVM products manufacturer, Belkin, explains the ins and outs.

iMacs erase all reasons not to buy Apple

To many of its customers, Apple has always been such an appealing company because it was different. So when it decided to put Intel chips into its systems instead of its own processors, many felt it was the beginning of the end. But reviews of the latest

Fresh and rugged portables put Toshiba back in the box seat

Toshiba was once regarded as the clear leader in the notebook PC market and it has always been at the forefront of development. But with the portable format now more popular than the desktop variety, every manufacturer has an attractive range of mobile co

How to dispose of old computer equipment

The arrival of Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) initiatives and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) mean that you can’t just throw old computer, printers and other devices away now - you have to do it properly. Here are a few pieces o

How To avoid getting a virus – or any other infection that could harm your data

We’ve all heard about viruses and just about everyone that has a PC will have anti-virus software and a firewall. But smarter variations on the theme such as Trojans and worms, blended threats, phishing, pharming and the latest type of ransom-ware pose ne

If I had a hammer

To most small businesses, computers are simply another tool to be used when something needs to be fixed – but by taking a more involved and strategic approach to IT, even the smallest business may be able to get ahead of its rivals. Simon Vail explains ho

The long and winding road

There are many different sources of IT advice and, as Jane Dudman reports, finding the right guidance for your particular business can be quite a journey.

Planning for and coping with IT disasters

In the event that disaster befalls your computer system how will you cope?

The price is not always right

IT can bring significant benefits to the small business. But to get the most from IT, a business needs to trust its systems – and that means having confidence in the company that supplies, manages and maintains them.So where’s the best place to buy your e

The true cost of computing

You may well be tempted by all those cut price offers that you see from computer companies but, as

Simon Vail explains, there is a great deal more to the cost of running a PC or network than the initial price tag.

Going back to nature

Recent directives from Europe have put companies under an obligation to ensure that as much material as possible from old PCs is recycled and that any dangerous substances are disposed of with care. But what will all this mean to the ordinary small busine

Branded Vs Unbranded PCs

Does it matter to you what label is on the front of your PC? Tracy Caldwell looks at the differences are between the brand-name producers and the plain white-boxes

Making IT pay

Training staff how to use computers is not something many small businesses consider but, as Jane Dudman writes, it could be something well worth doing if you want to make the most of your investments in technology

Catch It On Camera

For many small businesses, CCTV and other advanced physical security have always been too complex and too expensive. But now, a new generation of IP-based cameras and other devices and software, is putting advanced physical security within the reach of all businesses, writes Gareth Kershaw.