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Linksys Makes IP Surveillance Easy On The Eye And The Pocket

Linksys has brought out two affordable but very capable and easy to setup IP cameras, specifically designed for smaller firms. The Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera with Audio (WVC2300) and Business Internet Video Camera with Audio and PoE (PVC230

The Safe Option?

With the threats ever-changing and mutating, are you better off keeping the management of digital security in-house, or contracting it out to a third party expert? Peter Warden looks at the options for small businesses

Keeping A Watch Over Your Business

With Power over Ethernet going mainstream and plenty of new solutions on the market, IP-based surveillance is becoming a more viable option for the smaller business, reports Gareth Kershaw.

Looking To The Future

We are always hearing about new technologies and how they will make our business and personal lives better – but what does the future really hold? Living IT took time out to talk to one of the IT industry’s leading technology gurus to find out.

Is it time to get serious about security?

Almost half of SMEs think they are too small to be targeted by cyber criminals and are failing to take the issue seriously enough, according to research carried out by Internet security firm McAfee.

Best of breed or all in one security?

In the past you’d buy different programs to manage different aspects of security such as anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection and so on – but you can now buy software and dedicated appliances that claim to provide you with all the security you need i

Iomega offers to manage your security

Iomega has made its OfficeScreen managed security service for SMEs available in the UK and Europe.

Delivering staff from temptation

Making sure that your staff are using the internet for business purposes and not inadvertently downloading viruses and other types of malware is becoming vitally important for small firms says senior security consultant at Sophos, Carole Theriault.

Stick or twist?

With computing, communications, security, and storage all fast converging on the network, should smaller businesses stick with their current infrastructures or bite the convergence bullet and upgrade?

McAfee paper helps to counter ‘image spam’

McAfee has published a white paper on the subject of image-based spam emails, which are more difficult to detect than text-spam, and is making available free to small firms eager to guard against its dangers.

Wireless: Revolution or Evolution?

So how do you balance the mobility vs. security equation? How do you keep your business secure and open? How can you be sure your data is safe and accessible? How do you secure the seemingly unsecurable?

Sophisticated and deadly

You may have heard the term, but do you really understand what a blended threat is and how you can guard against them?

Symantec provides all-round protection with Norton 360

Symantec’s latest all-in-one security system, Norton 360, is now fully available in the UK.

Plugging the gaps

All computer systems today need to be protected from viruses, worms, hackers and data theft – but it’s vitally important to keep your security right up to date if you want to ensure that you are always protected writes Tracey Caldwell.

IT security needs to be a higher priority

Research conducted by specialist IT research company IDC for McAfee and MessageLabs, has found that while some 80% of small firms fear a security threat, only 8% have made improvements to IT security one of their business priorities.

The high price of not securing your laptop

Businesses should ensure they secure information stored on laptops if they do not want to fall foul of the increasing regulation governing the management and confidentiality of data.


Axis Communications has introduced the 243SA Video Server, claiming it to be the first one-channel video server that supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv6 is the internet upgrade that will expand IP addresses from 32 bits to 128 bits, effectiv

On-line credit checking service aims to reduce risk

A new company, e-Business Credit Manager Limited (e-bcm), has been launched to help the UK’s small businesses reduce bad debt by giving them easy and affordable on-line access to credit checking facilities and professional debt management services.

Out of sight out of mind䶀

The prevention of data theft is not ‘even on the radar’ in half of the UK’s small firms and six out of ten staff who leave a company consider taking data with them, according to research conducted by an IT security specialist.

Symantec keeps you safe from spam and spies

If you want to make sure that your business is protected from the scourge of spam and spyware as well as viruses and worms and other malicious threats emanating from the internet, the latest versions of Symantec’s popular anti-virus software suites could

Going Underground

RAD Data Communications helped Samara City, one of western Russia’s regional capitals, build an IP based security platform for its subway system. Providing voice and data over IP, Ethernet, and MPLS backbones, it is used to collect audio information from

ntl: Telewest takes IP CCTV north of the border

North Lanarkshire County Council has agreed a £1.3m deal with ntl:Telewest Business, for the largest deployment of IP CCTV in Europe, a move crucial to the council’s security strategy according to Councillor Tom Maginnis, Convener of the Economic Regenera

Catch It On Camera

For many small businesses, CCTV and other advanced physical security have always been too complex and too expensive. But now, a new generation of IP-based cameras and other devices and software, is putting advanced physical security within the reach of al

How To avoid getting a virus – or any other infection that could harm your data

We’ve all heard about viruses and just about everyone that has a PC will have anti-virus software and a firewall. But smarter variations on the theme such as Trojans and worms, blended threats, phishing, pharming and the latest type of ransom-ware pose ne

Hackers can still exploit ‘flaws’ in security systems

Hackers pose a high risk for the majority of companies as firms have major vulnerabilities in their internet connections, a survey suggests. A report by NTA Monitor has discovered that 61% of companies have a ‘flaw’ in their internet systems, which would

Making sense of security

We hear a lot about viruses, hackers and other types of threats to our computers, but how much of it do you understand and how worried should you really be about protecting your IT systems. Tracy Caldwell looks at security from a small business perspectiv

Planning for and coping with IT disasters

In the event that disaster befalls your computer system how will you cope?

Keeping systems and data secure

Simple anti-virus and firewall solutions can provide most of the protection many small businesses need.

How to set up a CCTV system over the Internet

Low cost –but very capable - web cameras and the ability to transmit and store video footage on computer networks and across the Internet are bringing CCTV systems within the reach of much smaller businesses. But where do you start?

How to protect your on-line identitiy and bank details

We all know that identity theft and phishing (trying to get you to put your confidential details into a false web site) are big problems. But how can you avoid being deceived by the fraudsters?

How to Stop someone stealing your PC/laptop

Laptops may be inexpensive now but thieves will still walk off with them given half a chance. PCs can also be attractive to thieves, especially if they have high specifications or there are a few of them all together in one place. And while you can never

How to put a stop to SPAM

Unwanted and unsolicited e-mails – or spam – is a growing problem for businesses of all sizes. So how can you minimise the amount you get?

Investment in e-commerce pays off
Bagga Menswear was first set up in 1994 and soon grew into two thriving shops. MD David Lomax has been experimenting with e-commerce since 2002 but two years ago took the radical step of closing the more successful and busiest of his two shops to give him time to concentrate on developing the e-commerce side of the business.