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Looking To The Future

We are always hearing about new technologies and how they will make our business and personal lives better – but what does the future really hold? Living IT took time out to talk to one of the IT industry’s leading technology gurus to find out.

Box of tricks

The Magic Box IMP combines Internet radio, alarm clock and media player in one handy stand alone unit so, whether it’s the office or the home, you can tune in wirelessly wherever you are. It detects and connects to an ordinary wireless LAN automatically a

‘Blanket coverage’ makes VoIP over wireless easier

ZyXEL Communications has released a set of wireless networking products that make it easier to run VoIP over wireless by creating ‘blanket’ roaming coverage for the networked area portfolio. The new NXC-8160 WLAN switch, and ultra-thin NWA-8500 access po

Linksys announces availability of Wireless-G Phone for Skype

Linksys, the division of Cisco Systems that focuses on small office and home (SOHO) solutions, has launched the latest in its iPhone range of IP phones, the Wireless-G Phone for Skype (WIP320). It enables you to make calls to other Skype users from any lo

Delivering staff from temptation

Making sure that your staff are using the internet for business purposes and not inadvertently downloading viruses and other types of malware is becoming vitally important for small firms says senior security consultant at Sophos, Carole Theriault.

Wi-Fi Alliance unveils new logo

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the global industry organisation that promotes wireless networking, has launched a new logo that manufacturers will be able to use to show their products comply to the new 802.11n draft 2.0 standard.

Email overdose can damage your business relationships

Email users should be more discerning about the amount of time they spend reading and sending messages, according to a study which found that almost one third of all messages are irrelevant.

McAfee paper helps to counter ‘image spam’

McAfee has published a white paper on the subject of image-based spam emails, which are more difficult to detect than text-spam, and is making available free to small firms eager to guard against its dangers.

Wireless: Revolution or Evolution?

So how do you balance the mobility vs. security equation? How do you keep your business secure and open? How can you be sure your data is safe and accessible? How do you secure the seemingly unsecurable?

Making sure IT works

There is little point investing in technology if you cannot make full use of it and one thing you can just about guarantee with computers and software is that, somewhere along the line, something will go wrong and having someone on hand to sort any proble

Use your PBX to open the IP door!

Voice communications are a vital tool for all modern small businesses. But while the convergence of voice and data communications systems is driving a telecommunications revolution in the world of large enterprise, many SMEs are being put off by the perce

Microsoft and Vodafone deliver enhanced Instant Messaging service for PCs and mobiles

Vodafone and Microsoft are working together to deliver an enhanced co-branded and seamless Instant Messaging (IM)

service that can be accessed from both the PC and mobile phone.

Symantec provides all-round protection with Norton 360

Symantec’s latest all-in-one security system, Norton 360, is now fully available in the UK.

Nortel switches on to unified communications

Nortel has introduced a new family of Ethernet routing switches designed for organisations that looking are to move their voice services to VoIP and bring all their communications – email, fax, voice, SMS – together into an integrated unified communicatio

Broadband moves into the fast lane

The up-coming higher speed version of ADSL will make higher speed broadband available and affordable to very many more small businesses – Ambrose McNevin looks at the potential that higher speed communications will provide for small firms.

Wireless Networking

Balvinder Singh Phull, marketing communications manager at specialist networking company, D-Link, talks us through the basics of networking without wires.


NETGEAR has already received good reviews for its draft 802.11n-compliant RangeMax NEXT family and now the catchily-named RangeMax NEXT Wireless-N Router Gigabit Edition (WNR854T) has come out on top in a competitive analysis conducted by the respected ou


Microsoft has released Exchange 2007 to its manufacturer partners, as well as the latest version of its Windows operating system Vista and the Office 2007 applications suite.


D-Link has come up with its next generation of Smart Ethernet switches. With prices starting at under £300,

they are very affordable and by blending plug-and-play simplicity with reliability, well suited to small

business networking.

Coping with an email overload

Email overload is a problem that affects almost everyone now – but there are ways that you can take the hassle out of managing your Inbox.

Google Earth for your mobile

Vodafone has launched Mobile Earth, a new service that replicates Google Earth on your mobile phone. Maps, aerial photography and journey planners are available using the downloadable application, which will run on any Java-enabled handset. Initially the

Seek out the hot spots

For Wi-Fi users, being able to locate your nearest hot spot or wireless connection without turning on the laptop is very handy. This device seeks out the strongest signal within 300 feet enabling you to get into the right position before you start work at

Set up a blog for your business

Could having a web area where you keep customers, suppliers and partners updated with your latest news and information help your business? Living IT’s guide to the basics and benefits of Blogs should help you decide.

Symantec keeps you safe from spam and spies

If you want to make sure that your business is protected from the scourge of spam and spyware as well as viruses and worms and other malicious threats emanating from the internet, the latest versions of Symantec’s popular anti-virus software suites could

Why email marketing can be good for you

Andrew Robinson, managing director of specialist software provider, Lyris, explains how you can use email marketing to get your messages across to customers.

On-line obstacles

In this age of e-commerce the web site is the most visible part of any business. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is sent into people’s homes and places of work. To make sure this marketing tool is as effective as possible you need to make

Push me, pull me

You have probably heard the phrase ‘push email; but what is it and how exactly does it work? Steve Clayton, head of midmarket technology at Microsoft UK, explains.

Get Geared

On-line motorcycle equipment retailer Get Geared is a great example of the potential benefits of ecommerce for small businesses.

The Return of ECommerce

A few years ago we were told that if you did not have a web site you’d soon be out of business but many small businesses that invested in on-line systems found their customers just weren’t ready. But now that the debris from the bursting of the dot-com bu

Retail buoyant but on-line sales grow faster

The UK’s retail outlets saw the strongest rise in sales in 18 months during August but on-line sales look to be growing even faster and are threatening to stymie further retail sales growth in the future.

Broadband bonanza

If they want it, every broadband user in the UK can now have download speeds on their broadband connection of up to 8Mbps – four times as fast as the current 2Mbps. Jane Dudman looks at how the UK’s broadband landscape is developing.

How To avoid getting a virus – or any other infection that could harm your data

We’ve all heard about viruses and just about everyone that has a PC will have anti-virus software and a firewall. But smarter variations on the theme such as Trojans and worms, blended threats, phishing, pharming and the latest type of ransom-ware pose ne

Collaborate to accumulate

The idea of intuitive, ‘collaborative’ working is becoming more and more de rigueur, writes Gareth Kershaw, but what exactly is it? Does it really work? And if so, can it work for you?

Making the most of your web presence

How you can use on-line resources to attract more customers

Hackers can still exploit ‘flaws’ in security systems

Hackers pose a high risk for the majority of companies as firms have major vulnerabilities in their internet connections, a survey suggests. A report by NTA Monitor has discovered that 61% of companies have a ‘flaw’ in their internet systems, which would

How to write usage policies for the Internet and email

Having clear written policies for your business with regard to the Internet and email will help you to protect your business and your own staff. Here are some guidelines on what to include and the form of words to use.

How to monitor and control use of the Internet and email

The Internet and email have become indispensable tools for most businesses but it is all too easy for staff to misuse on-line resources – and as well as wasting time, they could potentially land your business in trouble. Living IT looks at how you can mon

How to make the most of your Internet firewall

After anti-virus software, the firewall is the next most essential piece of security software for any business and while most firewalls will work ‘out of the box’, it’s a good idea to understand a little bit more about what’s important and how to get the

The virtual IT manager

Based in Leicester Square, at the heart of London’s theatre-land, Encore Tickets is a small but fast-growing ticketing wholesaler but the company’s success and speedly growth has presented some challenges.

How to Subscribe to and use a mobile 3G service

It all sounds very complicated but getting on-line with a 3G/GPRS data service is not all that difficult or expensive. Having Internet access anytime and anywhere means you can pick up and send emails and get information from the web wherever you are on y

How to put a stop to SPAM

Unwanted and unsolicited e-mails – or spam – is a growing problem for businesses of all sizes. So how can you minimise the amount you get?

How to set up a wireless network

To the uninitiated, setting up a wireless LAN sounds daunting but in practice, it can be fairly simple.

The virtual reality

With broadband now widely available and affordable to just about everyone,the potential for working at home and having co-workers located in many different places has increased tremendously – could you benefit from becoming a ‘virtual ’ business?

The true cost of computing

You may well be tempted by all those cut price offers that you see from computer companies but, as

Simon Vail explains, there is a great deal more to the cost of running a PC or network than the initial price tag.