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Linksys Makes IP Surveillance Easy On The Eye And The Pocket

Linksys has brought out two affordable but very capable and easy to setup IP cameras, specifically designed for smaller firms. The Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera with Audio (WVC2300) and Business Internet Video Camera with Audio and PoE (PVC230

Looking To The Future

We are always hearing about new technologies and how they will make our business and personal lives better – but what does the future really hold? Living IT took time out to talk to one of the IT industry’s leading technology gurus to find out.

Why does your business needa large-format flat screen plasma or LCD display?

It might seem like an outrageous extravagance to the old school but buying a large format screen for your business could be a smart idea.

Power-up your mobile for free

If you always seem to be running down the battery on your mobile just at the crucial moment and you like to get out in the sun, this could be for you. The ingenious FreeLoader Solar Charger is a smart, eco-friendly device that soaks up the power of the su

‘Auto-flip’ feature gives network camera 360 degree view

Axis Communications has launched a new network camera that provides full 360 degree panning for IP-based surveillance applications. The AXIS 215 PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera features a new and apparently unique auto-flip feature. This reverses the pan dir

Epson AcuLaser provides high quality colour in A3 format

The AcuLaser C9100 DPS is the latest addition to Epson’s popular series of business printers. Combining high-performance with quality and efficiency, the new version comes with 256 Mb RAM and a duplex unit, allowing double sided printing up to A3 size. It

Why does your business need a plasma or LCD large format display?

Large-format screens are coming down in price now but why would you need one in your business? Would it be a frivolous waste of money or are there real reasons why.


Axis Communications has introduced the 243SA Video Server, claiming it to be the first one-channel video server that supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv6 is the internet upgrade that will expand IP addresses from 32 bits to 128 bits, effectiv

Seek out the hot spots

For Wi-Fi users, being able to locate your nearest hot spot or wireless connection without turning on the laptop is very handy. This device seeks out the strongest signal within 300 feet enabling you to get into the right position before you start work at

A flexible friend at your fingertips

If the laptop keyboard is just too small for you sometimes this may be the answer – a flexible standard- size keyboard that you can fold or roll up and take with you wherever you go. But you might need to get a First Class ticket if you want enough room t

A jukebox in your pocket

If the iPod has become just too commonplace for you, try the Philips portable jukebox. It can hold 1,000 tracks and pick up FM radio stations. It is ultra light and its magnesium body means it is hard to break and comfortable to wear – as well as pretty s

Brighten up the office this Xmas

If you want to bring some colour to the office or if you just want an alternative Christmas decoration, Triklits will do the trick. As well as being pretty, they are useful too. Connect the string of LEDs, which are housed in small plastic orbs, to a USB

Going to the dogs

The i-dog is the ideal desktop friend but be warned, he – or she – can’t live without music. The i-dog 'feeds' on the tunes you play him and develops one of three personalities according to the music he hears. He will even function as a portable speaker f

Switch and save

You may have heard the term but if you did not understand exactly what it meant, you would not be alone – Liz Holland, communications manager at leading KVM products manufacturer, Belkin, explains the ins and outs.

Choose the right printer for your business

Just about every ink-jet and laser printer these days is colour and those that are not are usually designed for specific needs, such as multiple form impact printing and even these are increasingly rare.

How to choose and set up a projector

If you have never bought or used a projector before, how do you know what to look for in terms of features and value? Our short guide to the mysteries of choosing and using a projector should help you see the light.

Get Geared

On-line motorcycle equipment retailer Get Geared is a great example of the potential benefits of ecommerce for small businesses.