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Small NAS Made For Sohos

Buffalo Technology has launched a 1 Tb (one terabyte) NAS device designed for small office or home office use. At around £215, the LinkStation Pro Duo is pretty costeffective for anyone that needs a higher level of storage than you’ll currently find on st

Looking To The Future

We are always hearing about new technologies and how they will make our business and personal lives better – but what does the future really hold? Living IT took time out to talk to one of the IT industry’s leading technology gurus to find out.

Intelligent Storage Management: The smart way to manage storage

If you want to make sure that your data is properly backed up and that you are managing to hold on to data to comply with industry or government regulations, intelligent storage management solutions, could hold the key.

Storage Area Networking

The storage area network (SAN) has been around for some time and while it was originally devised as a way of enabling large businesses to organise and use their storage resources more efficiently, it has now become much more affordable and practical for s

FSC offers data protection in form of ‘My very first Robot’

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) is offering SMEs an easy entry into the world of automated and redundant tape backup systems. The FibreCAT TX24, a robotic tape library, performs automated data backups and eliminates the need to change tapes manually every

Going digital with documents

While all small firms have computers, few are anywhere near the nirvana of the paperless office – Living IT takes a realistic look at what you can and what you can’t automate with electronic systems and processes.

Stick or twist?

With computing, communications, security, and storage all fast converging on the network, should smaller businesses stick with their current infrastructures or bite the convergence bullet and upgrade?

Iomega provides an attractive combination in latest NAS box

When you need extra capacity in a hurry, a network-attached storage (NAS) device is a very effective answer and the latest offering from Iomega is one of the best yet. The StorCenter Pro NAS 150d offers a very attractive combination of high capacity, good

HP D2D system takes away backup pains

Keeping documents safe is becoming more important to all businesses but the need to retain more and more information to meet compliancy regulations and guard against potential litigation makes it quite a challenge.

Document Management and Compliance

The growing array of compliancy and corporate governance regulations must be frightening if you are the person responsible for making sure that a large organisation can meet its obligations in the eyes of the lawmakers. But it would be dangerous to assume

Sleep Easy - Your data is safe with HP

HP StorageWorks All-in-One Storage Systems are radically simple, integrated, and affordable network storage solutions that enable small and mid-size companies to easily manage, grow, and protect their data.

Taking a short cut to higher capacities

James Lee, UK sales manager for Buffalo Technology, explains how network attached storage can make expanding your disk capacity quick and easy.

SMEs benefit from being socially responsible

Small firms need more help if they are to develop workable policies for ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR), and want experts and advisers to use less corporate-speak and more SME-like language when they address areas such as employee development, env

Keeping it legal

You may hear a lot about legal issues with regards to email, data retention and compliance but what are the rules and do they really matter to small businesses? We asked Tamzin Matthew of solicitors Morgan Cole, an expert in IT-related law issues, to expl

Storage Matters

All the impressive facts and figures about megabytes and gigabytes may sound like gobbledygook to many small business users but the storage resources on your computer are becoming increasingly important as the repositories for essential business informati

The reality of virtualisation

You may have heard a lot about the concept of server or storage virtualisation but what does it really mean and how relevant is it to small businesses? LIVING IT asked Reza Malekzadeh, Director of Product Marketing and Alliances EMEA for VMware – one of the world’s leading providers of virtualisation software, to provide some answers.