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Talk to us and win an iPod Nano

Quite simply, we want you to tell us about what you need and want from IT - and what sort of content we can provide to help you get more from your investment in computer systems and software.

The first discussion will be held at our offices in Basingstoke, Hampshire and will be hosted by the Editor of LIVING IT, Alison Mauger and by IT journalist and regular contributor, Simon Meredith. The actual date is yet to be fixed but if you are interested in taking part and helping us to help you, we’d like to hear from you.

The topics we plan to discuss include:

- What IT solutions and products you are buying and why?

- Where you buy from – and why?

- What is it that triggers your purchase – do you buy solutions because you have a specific need or because you believe it will improve your business?

- Where you get information and advice on IT – and what else you’d like to see made available?

- What you need from IT suppliers and manufacturers?

As well as contributing to the on-going development of LIVING IT as a publication, attending will give you a chance to hear at first hand what other small business people think, how they make the best use of technology, and where they get their ideas and inspiration.

We plan to run the round table over the course of the morning, finishing at about 2.00pm with lunch and refreshments included. The event will be purely discussion-based – there will be no sales pitches or you will not be expected to purchase any IT equipment, Nor will you be subjected to any later telemarketing, emails or mail-shots from vendors. We simply want your points of view.

As a reward for giving us your perspective, you’ll walk away with an iPod Nano – and hopefully with a better idea of how you might be able to use IT to good effect in your business.

If you are interested in taking part please email Alison Mauger at amauger@computer2000.co.uk, telling us the nature and size of your business and why you’d like to take part. We’ll contact you to discuss the event in more detail.