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Mobile Computing

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HP iPAQ devices deliver productivity on the road

Converged mobile devices, with the functionality of both telephony and wireless computing, have made productive mobile working a reality for many businesses. With the use of bespoke applications running on micro-sized pocket PCs, you can take your specific business function anywhere.

HP's iPAQ range of pocket PCs have been a preferred choice of mobile professionals for many years. With their continual advancements in technology, the latest models are enabling the business community to communicate and share digital information in ways thought impossible not that long ago.

HP's solutions solve problems in three main areas; mobile messaging, navigation and security, making your workforce more productive on the road.

Mobile messaging solutions provide simple and secure access to your corporate data and email systems at all times - ensuring you can meet your customer demands regardless of your location. The convergence of telephony and GPS technologies also means the same device can also make and receive phone calls and help you get where you need to go.

Security is of paramount concern with mobile devices, and HP iPAQ products include a number of features to prevent malicious use of data on a lost or stolen device. HP ProtectTools PIN-protects the device itself, additionally with a second layer of data encryption so email, contacts, documents and files remain private. Certain models of iPAQ also include a biometric fingerprint reader, providing fail-safe protection should your device, literally, fall into the wrong hands.

The productivity of your workforce is the core objective of an iPAQ pocket PC. More freedom to work on-the-road, unlimited by location or limitations at the destination. Lightweight tools with excellent battery lives let you work longer, anywhere and anytime.

HP Mobile Solutions
HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger
With up to 6.5 hours of talk time and superb voice quality, you can also save mobile minutes while in the office by switching to VoIP over your wireless LAN.
  • Microsoft Exchange, POP3, or IMAP email support
  • Use VoiceReply to reply to emails without typing
  • Personalised shortcuts get to your most important Smartphone tasks quickly and easily
  • Get your work done on the go with mobile versions of Microsoft® programs
  • Convert your phone into your personal “Voice Valet” with Voice Commander

HP iPAQ rw6815 Personal Messenger
Make phone calls, send text and instant messages, surf the Internet, check email and much more.
  • Talk, message, connect with GSM wireless technology. Get high-speed connectivity on-the-go using GPRS/EDGE wireless technology.
  • Connect to the Internet and e-mail wherever life takes you
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for convenient, wire-free, short-range communication with other Bluetooth devices
  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0, Phone Edition and Microsoft Office let you keep up to date with corporate documents and email
  • Easily move music, photos, and other files between your HP iPAQ and other devices with the mini-SD slot
  • Built-in 2 MP HP Photosmart Camera allows you to take a quick photo or video and share it wirelessly and you can enjoy music, photos, and videos with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.

HP iPAQ hw6915 Mobile Messenger
Powerful worldwide messaging device offering Integrated HP Photosmart Camera and GPS Navigation ensure it’s not all work and no play
  • Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile™ 5.0 supports secure push delivery of Outlook information, including e-mail without the need for 3rd party licensing
  • Quad-band GSM technology delivers world wide mobile voice and data services with handset mode, hands-free speakerphone mode, or using a wired or wireless headset
  • Capture and share special moments with the integrated 1.3 MP HP Photosmart Camera and use your Windows Media Player 10 Mobile to download and enjoy MP3s and videos, as well as Internet radio
  • Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b) provides high-speed Internet access in the office at home and at your favourite hotspots while GPRS/EDGE technologies deliver connectivity on the go
  • The latest GPS Navigation software and maps provide accurate turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance taking you to any address in Europe

HP iPAQ rx5000 Travel Companion series
Slim and stylish this GPS navigator combines personal entertainment features and travel assistant options so you can make the most of all your travels
  • TomTom Navigator 6 pre-installed with your regional maps provides accurate turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance straight to your destination
  • Integrated Worldmate travel software saves you time money and stress
  • An integrated, high performance GPS antenna and SiRF Star III GPS receiver insure you get a strong connection
  • Connect to the Internet and e-mail wherever your travels take you – at an airport, hotel, or coffee shop equipped with WLAN access
  • Bluetooth 2.0 EDR wireless technology for convenient, wire-free, short-range communication with other Bluetooth devices
  • Persistent storage helps prevent the loss of your data, settings, and installed applications if you remove or forget to charge your battery
  • 1 GB flash ROM, 64MB RAM - ample memory for storing data, contacts, music and video
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 means improved productivity with more efficient data management.
  • Windows Media Player 10 Mobile lets you download and enjoy MP3s and videos, as well as access streaming audio, video and Internet radio
  • With Photo Smart Mobile you can view, edit, and transfer photos easily between you digital camera and iPAQ via a SD card.