Living IT - Latest News and Features Making the most of technology for business en-gb Living IT - Latest News and Features 204 75 Doing It On Disk At one time, all backups were done on tape or some other form of low-cost removable media, but disk drives have now become so inexpensive and deliver such high capacities that disk-to-disk (D2D) backup systems have become viable even for small businesses. Building A Culture Of Collaboration Natalie Butler, Enterprise Sales Manager, EMEA for collaborative applications specialist, WebEx, explains how businesses can benefit by bringing remotely-located teams of workers together over the Internet. HP Adds Powerful Pair To Workstation Range HP has launched two new dual quad-core workstations aimed at businesses that need the highest performance from their desktop systems. HP unveiled its first quad-core workstations over a year ago now and claims that customers have been experiencing performance increases of up to 400 percent, with double-digit gains in productivity and faster return on investment. Linksys Makes IP Surveillance Easy On The Eye And The Pocket Linksys has brought out two affordable but very capable and easy to setup IP cameras, specifically designed for smaller firms. The Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera with Audio (WVC2300) and Business Internet Video Camera with Audio and PoE (PVC2300), can be used to set up a simple surveillance system. Fast And Feature-Packed Firewall From Netgear Netgear has released a new firewall that should meet just about all the requirements of any small- or medium-sized business that takes its digital security seriously. The snappily-named ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall (FVS336G), is packed with features and provides versatile network security, remote access and Internet connectivity capabilities. VMware Releases Next Generation Of Free Virtualisation Server VMware, which is widely regarded as the world leader in the growing area of software virtualisation, has released the latest version of its free virtualisation product, which enables users to partition up a single physical server so that it looks like two or more systems to the network operating system. Cisco Shows SMB Commitment With Smart Business Communications System Cisco says that it is demonstrating its firm commitment to meeting the needs of small- and medium-sized business with its latest round of networking and communications solutions. The Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) has been extended, tripling the number of users it will support for unified communications to 48 and adding four new Ethernet switches. Small NAS Made For Sohos Buffalo Technology has launched a 1 Tb (one terabyte) NAS device designed for small office or home office use. At around 215, the LinkStation Pro Duo is pretty costeffective for anyone that needs a higher level of storage than you'll currently find on standard hard disk drives. The Safe Option? With the threats ever-changing and mutating, are you better off keeping the management of digital security in-house, or contracting it out to a third party expert? Peter Warden looks at the options for small businesses Why Does Your Business Need... A Workstation? Sue Forkin, Workstation Business Manager at HP UK and Ireland, gives Living IT the low-down on when and why you might need to invest in something that packs a bit more power than the average desktop.