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Frequently asked questions...

I clicked on the RSS icon and all I got was a page of gibberish.

What you're seeing is the raw XML code. It's sort of readable by humans but it's designed to be read by a software program. If you want to use our XML syndication as an individual, you'll need a special program called a "news aggregator." A news aggregator allows you to read headlines and snippets from any number of websites at one time. News aggregators are available for any computer platform or operating system. Yahoo maintains an extensive list of news aggregators, many of which are available at no cost.

Great, when can I start?

You can begin using RSS today, right now. Download and install one of the many news aggregators and add a link to the Living-IT feed. Whenever we publish a new story you'll be notified within an hour of its availability. Want more? They're called "feeds." Look for the little orange XML and RSS buttons on your favorite websites and add those links to your news aggregator.

If you're using the Firefox browser, you can add a "Live Bookmark" to Living IT by clicking the orange subscription button in the bottom right of your browser window. This type of bookmark shows you links direct to the latest stories, updated automatically by the RSS feed.

Keeping it legal

You may hear a lot about legal issues with regards to email, data retention and compliance but what are the rules and do they really matter to small businesses? We asked Tamzin Matthew of solicitors Morgan Cole, an expert in IT-related law issues, to explain.